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We build tools that change the way you write, edit, and publish content.
2018 Founded
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Hi there,

I'm Joseph Kato.

I manage the errata.ai organization on GitHub. My work focuses on connecting the fields of technical writing and natural language processing (NLP) to change the way we write, edit, and publish content for the web.

Outside of errata.ai, I also maintain one of the most-starred NLP libraries for Go (Google's open-source programming language) on GitHub.

I can be found around the web as @jdkato (GitHub, Medium, Write the Docs, Reddit).


  1. February 2017
    First commit on Vale
  2. February 2018
    errata.ai launched
  3. August 2018
    Vale v1.0
  4. May 2019
    Vale Server releases
  5. December 2019
    Static School launches
  6. February 2020
    Vale v2.0