Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy provides an overview of all information regarding the processing of data by Vale Server (also referred to as “we”, “our” or “us”).

Vale Server is strongly committed to protecting your privacy, security, and confidentiality. You will be in full control of all data relating to yourself and any written content processed by Vale Server. We strive to be completely transparent on the security and confidentiality of Vale Server and its content-processing practices.

As such, this Privacy Policy is about how we handle the personal and non-personal information of users of Vale Server. It explains the privacy and confidentiality principles and practices for gathering, storing, and using personal data. We encourage you to review this information so that you are fully informed about the practices used.

Collection and usage of (non-)personal data

We have extremely limited access to your personal data, which is something we have made specific and conscious decisions to maintain.

Content processed by Vale Server

The Vale Server software application does not get any access whatsoever to any personal information. Any written content supplied by you will be processed entirely offline (except for license-key validation).

Vale Server will not track, scrape, store, process, or analyze any of your written content, at any time or for any reason. All written content is stored on your local machine, meaning that it is not processed by any remote server to which a third party may have access. The server is embedded in the application itself, which implies that we, nor anyone else, can never transmit, store or inspect your content.

Other data

We may get access to your personal data under the following circumstances:

  • If you contact us by using our contact information, we will process your personal data to answer your question or handle your complaint. Personal data we may get access to are your name and email address, and additional information you choose to include in your question and/or complaint. We will only hold on to this personal data for as long as necessary to complete your request, answer your question, or handle your complaint.

  • If you use Vale Server, we may process information regarding the use of the software. We want to be able to understand how our software is used, and to improve and adjust our software accordingly. This information is anonymized for us. We will not be able to see your personal information, nor will we get access to any of the written content. We will however get access to and process the information regarding certain issues and errors in the software, or any feedback given by you to us.


Gumroad ( provides us with the all the infrastructure required to process payments and subscriptions. Your payment information is stored through their own data-storage services. We do not store any of that data ourselves for security reasons.

Please consult Gumroad’s Privacy Policy to review and understand how they will handle your personal information.

We may in our documentation or materials display links to other websites. Unless these other websites are affiliated with Vale Server, we are not responsible for the privacy policies that these other websites use, nor for its content and security. We advise you to inform yourself by reading the privacy policies on these websites.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We will notify you if updates are made to this Privacy Policy to give you an opportunity to review how your personal and non-personal information is used by Vale Server. We may have to update the Privacy Policy in case of new developments, activities, online services or when applicable legislation changes.