Vale, a linter for prose

Your style, our editor

Vale is an open-source, extensible, and customizable linter for prose. It's cross-platform, written in Go, and available on GitHub.
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What makes Vale different

Way beyond a grammar checker

Vale enforces your own guidelines—including branding, terminology, and voice.
  • Markup compatible

    Vale intelligently handles code examples, URLs, blockquotes, and more. You can write in Markdown, AsciiDoc, reStructuredText, or HTML without ever having to struggle with syntax-related false positives again!

  • Flexible and extensible

    Vale doesn't attempt to offer a one-size-fits-all collection of rules—instead, it strives to make customization as easy as possible. Creating new rules is straightforward and doesn't require any programming experience.

  • Full-featured, pre-made styles

    Don't want to create your own style from scratch? That's fine, too. Vale has dozens of pre-made styles for many tools and organizations, including write-good, proselint, Joblint, and the Microsoft Writing Style Guide.

    NOTE: If you have an in-house style but don't want to spend time making it compatible with Vale, you may want to make use of our Integration Assistance service.

    Learn more about Integration Assistance

  • Lightweight and blazing fast

    Vale is a standalone binary that weighs only ~9MB uncompressed, allowing you to avoid cluttering your system with more npm, pip, or other language-specific dependencies.

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